Mark Webber and Ferrari’s Driver Hunt

Mark Webber has decided to continue his career at Red Bull Racing for another year. I think that if he wanted his Formula One career to end he would join Ferrari get paid a giant wad of cash and move on to other things with his life. Luckily he stayed with Red Bull,we can hope that if he does well in 2013 he will further his F1 career and I can keep rooting for this friendly loveable chiseled jaw Aussie.

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Red Bull have proved to be the class of F1 (this week) as Mark Webber wins at Silverstone in a predictably wet British Grand Prix.

As we have seen there is an amazing amount of talks regarding a few drivers and their contracts. They have mostly been about Ferrari trying to grab some talent from the other big teams. There second driver has been failing to perform. Felipe Massa does not need to win races, no one has really expected him to this season but we expect him to have some podiums or at least make it into the points. Ferrari needs to have some constancy with there drivers. They should be able to score points ever race. That’s the real problem with Massa.

It’s very sad that his performance has dropped. But let’s be honest the car that they gave there drivers at the start of the season was not the greatest engineering master piece. It was a tough car, at least that’s what the word on the F1 news sources were telling me. But that’s on the driver to cope and make magic happen. That is the reason Ferrari drivers and paid so my much money. Alonso was able to cope with the trouble some car and the difficulty with the tires was able to steal a win early on in the season and continue with that and now has the lead of the championship.

But let’s be honest Alonso is a Racing GOD. He has put forward amazing forum though out his career at Ferrari and was a double world champion before that . It would be tough for anyone to be compared to him. But while on the topic of comparing team mates, we have to looks the condition of McLaren Mercedes. Formula One is a strange sport. Where we can love and care of one driver and criticise another for the same problem. Hamilton has been on a amazing run, he won the Canadian GP and has put himself in the top contenders for the championship. In contrast his teammate win the first race if the season, and has then disappeared from the top runners if the field. We say things like maybe it’s the car and that he can’t find a feel for it. But Massa has been suffering from similar problems.

Well getting back to the topic of Ferrari looking for new talent the two main contenders they were Hamilton and Webber. Both great drivers and both fighting for the championship. Both of them are looking for new contacts for the 2013 season. It was going to be a hard sell to get them too join Ferrari, they’re both really connected with there teams. We could argue that Webber is more connected then Hamilton but that’s another story for another time. Webber and Alonso both do get on well together, they would have made a great paring, but alas this will not be the case. So that leaves our main contender Hamilton. He is a great driver currently with a team that is under performing for him. The team had been suffering from things like pit errors which have costed him some major points and even podiums. We could even argue that the mishap at Valencia put him in the position that ultimately caused him the really gruesome ugly accident. Their car at silver stone was not enough to compete with the top runners where he should be with such a major team. He has voiced his opinion about the car, saying the need updates to stay competitive with the front runners. How the team reacts in the next few weeks will probably determine how Hamilton renews his contract.


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