My first Blog

Well after a lot of thought and it, I finally decided that I should get on with my F1 blog. What’s the worst that can happen with this right. (as I reread this I had many things flash into my head. The worst bring massive mobs of F1 fans rioting in the street in anger over what I have said to someone pointing out my poor grammar.)

So in order for you to get a understanding of what my thought processes are and how I think, I will do a brief introduction of my self and my experience with F1. I’m a 21 year old University student at the University of Toronto, I will be starting my third year soon studying Political Science and History all while trying to learn a bit of French. I haven’t always been a fanatic F1 fan, my love for the sport started in 2011 but I started to follow in 2009 as a giant Mark Webber fan. There was something about his driving that I loved and still love. I try to follow formula one news using Reddit/r/formula1, sky sports, BBC Sports and of course the formula 1 official site. I would love to Be as unbiased as I can, and I apologise if any of my bias does come through.

Since this is my first post, this be on about the current F1 season. What an amazing season! The racing has been tight the cars have been quick and the small teams are givings the giants a run for their money. We couldn’t ask for much more. The start of the season was a little odd, the tires were giving everyone a lot of problems. I was feeling like the tires were the key for the less competitive teams like Williams keep pace with the the big guys like McLaren. Well I guess there is some truth in that but as the season has progressed teams like Williams and force India have shown genuine pace and the skill of the drivers are allowing them to cope with what the tires are throwing at them. Having had 7 different winners for 7 different races made for a very tight championship race, I love this. Although I haven’t been a big fan that there has been a lot race problem and racing in incidents so far. Mechanical problems and simple aggression have troubled many teams and have put driven point winning drives into walls, literally and figuratively. Vettel’s and Grojean’s amazing drive at Valencia and Schumacher many drives faulted by mechanical and simple errors have been quite disappointing. I think most disappointing of all, I think is – and please don’t think that I am just Maldonado bashing since it has become a prime target – is Maldonado’s numerous racing incidents. When you have a facing incident in 3 out of the 4 last grand prix, there is a problem with your driving. Keeping everything in mind we have yo admit this has been one hell of a exciting racing season. By this time in 2011 we all knew that Vettel was destined to be the youngest double world champion, this year it’s all still in the air.


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