Running With the Bulls.

October really showed the red bull of old coming back. They had a strong show in Singapore but that was just the beginning. Since Singapore Red Bull. Racing has simply put been dominant.

Sebastian was lucky in Singapore his win there was gifted to him due to the problem that Lewis Hamilton had with his car. But since then he has had massively good drives since then. The car that he has been driving has had great improvements though out the season. Making it one of the top, probably the top performing car of the season.
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The Young, the Wild and the Reckless

The BelgiumGP was great. It had everything, high speeds, slow corners, direction changes which let us see the capabilities of a F1 car and of course what everyone is talking about the drama. If you didn’t watched or haven’t been following F1 the drama which I am talking about is Roman Grosjean’s race ban for the next race (Monza) and Pastor Maldonado’s ten place combined grid penalty for his jump start and collision during the race.

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Spa, Stewards, Standards and Safety…

Really well written piece, we can see why Will is in the position he has. He says all the things which need to be said, but which are not being said.

The Buxton Blog

The start of the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix was not Romain Grosjean’s finest moment. It was by no means the worst thing he’s ever done in his career, but it wasn’t the best either. If we look at it in simple terms, he pushed a rival to the limit… actually slightly over the limit, and the resultant accident which his move sparked has, quite rightly, resulted in a race ban.

He’s held his hands up, admitted fault, and for that he must be commended. But now the vultures will start to pick at the bones of the incident. They will point to the fact that he’s had X number of contacts in his Formula 1 career, what percentage of those have occurred on the first lap, and how many other drivers such moments have affected. He’ll be cast into the role of young hothead, a GP2 graduate who doesn’t understand…

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