Running With the Bulls.

October really showed the red bull of old coming back. They had a strong show in Singapore but that was just the beginning. Since Singapore Red Bull. Racing has simply put been dominant.

Sebastian was lucky in Singapore his win there was gifted to him due to the problem that Lewis Hamilton had with his car. But since then he has had massively good drives since then. The car that he has been driving has had great improvements though out the season. Making it one of the top, probably the top performing car of the season.
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The GermanGP

Well one of the things that I loved when I started watching Formula1 was formula1 in Crayola. This was a segment that they used to produce during the 2011 season, it was a wonderful review made with the funny automotive writing that makes so much fun to read. It was one of the things that really made me want to start writing. So I guess I will try my hand at creating my own race review. Starting late into the season let us start with the German grand prix. As always my writing will be from information gathered from various sources mainly BBC and sky sports f1 coverage and of course like any news source now a days reedit/r/Formula1

2012 German Grand Prix – Sunday
Hockenheimring, Hockenheim, Germany
22nd July 2012
World Copyright: Steve Etherington/LAT Photographic
ref: Digital Image HC5C4400 copy

The GermanGP a great race, with many drivers bring of German nationality this is a important race. This year the race was held at the hockenheim circuit, the GermanGP alternates between Hockenheim and the Nurburgring each year. Hockenheim is a great track, technical and challenging. The track has been modified over the years to give the spectators a better show. The track used to dive off into the surrounding forests, but it was changed in the early 2000’s. The track was shortened and more corners were added. The few drivers who raced on the previous circuit rather liked the old layout more then the current. Mark webber said

“The old Hockenheim was a really cracking circuit; it was a flat-out blast through the forest and every time I brake for Turn 2 on the new track I wish we continued in a straight line, on the route of the old circuit”

which was noted by sky sports. It would be nice to see the old track being used once in a while, but it has been torn up. The weather for the weekend wasn’t great rain rain rain but finally the sky’s cleared for a great Saturday.

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Mark Webber and Ferrari’s Driver Hunt

Mark Webber has decided to continue his career at Red Bull Racing for another year. I think that if he wanted his Formula One career to end he would join Ferrari get paid a giant wad of cash and move on to other things with his life. Luckily he stayed with Red Bull,we can hope that if he does well in 2013 he will further his F1 career and I can keep rooting for this friendly loveable chiseled jaw Aussie.

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Red Bull have proved to be the class of F1 (this week) as Mark Webber wins at Silverstone in a predictably wet British Grand Prix.

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