Running With the Bulls.

October really showed the red bull of old coming back. They had a strong show in Singapore but that was just the beginning. Since Singapore Red Bull. Racing has simply put been dominant.

Sebastian was lucky in Singapore his win there was gifted to him due to the problem that Lewis Hamilton had with his car. But since then he has had massively good drives since then. The car that he has been driving has had great improvements though out the season. Making it one of the top, probably the top performing car of the season.

The designer Adrian Newey, is quite simply a god. He is regarded as one of the most influential f1 designers in the business. He’s worked with multiple teams and has produced race winning and championship winning cars in multi occasions. There’s no question to wether the performance coming from that RB8 has some thing to due with Newey.

But that’s not fair to Vettel. We know that he has the best car, but he’s largely put in one if the best performances. In the last few races his teammate Mark Webber has been keeping him honest, he’s been able to keep right on Vettel’s heels even taking pole from. Vettel on an occasion. But we can see that Vettel is able work race strategy, manage his pace, manage his tires and manage the stress required to take and lead the championship. He’s a genuinely good racer, that’s why he’s in the car he is in. It’s shame that some people don’t believe that he’s great because he’s driving a great car.

Michael Schumacher had a great car some time ago. A car and team that won him many championships. We still think he is one of the greatest drivers of all times, statistically yes he is. But he did have the support from his car and team to get him those,much like Vettel does today.

So why is it different for Vettel? Christian Horner his team boss says he’s to successful to be popular and that just may be true. But he should be remembered as well Mark Webber and the rest if the red bull team from the dominance they were able to bring these last few years and hopefully for a few more years to come.


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