Formula One 2012 half-term report: Toro Rosso and Force India

I want to write something like this, im getting beat to it.


The HungaryGP

The HungaryGP happened was a good race. I’m going to keep this post shot sorry, I’m very busy with school.


We saw a lot of close racing and great use of strategies. Many of the cars showed really great pace during the race. But the events started in qualifying. The two big stories of qualifying was mark webber being unable to make it past Q2, mark was only able to get to P11 for the race start. Then we had Bruno Senna he had a great pace all weekend. He out qualified and out raced his teammate. This weekend was good for Hamilton, controlled the field all race, beginning from pole. From start to finish he held his place for most of the race. The start of the race was interesting. Michael lined up in the wrong spot and his car turned off making him start from the pits. Then he had a puncture and got a driver through for speeding in the pits. Oh man his day was bad. He ended up retiring before the end. We saw both the lotus with great pace, which we expect from them in the warm conditions. Kimi had a great pass on Romain after exiting the pits. It was close and showed that both drivers are willing to fight each other to get ahead. In F1 your teammate is also your biggest rival. Looking further back into the pack we saw red bull struggle with their tires both drivers needing a 3 stop strategy. This cost them som place but they had great pace, Vettel even got the fastest lap. The problem of this tracks that it’s extremely hard to pass. This caused a lot of traffic in the field. Many racers lost time and this also helped some racers hold positions. Although Alonso showed us a great pass on Senna, but this was one of the few. Then we saw the other Williams driver show us how not to pass. Maldanado unfortunately lost his car a bit and punted a force India driver off the track. But injuries and major car damage, giving Maldanado a drive through penalty. Aside from this we saw the feild being very active and the final places were very shuffled compared to the last few races. It was a fun day.

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