The Mid Season Break

The hungering ring was the last race before the 2 week shut down of the season. This is a much needs break, not for the drivers but for all the support staff. The support staff has to travel with the team, many of them with out there families. This gives them a nice chance to catch up and relax. This season the teams really need to have them at their best performance, so much of the races come down to team performance.

We think that a f1 race depends on the driver. Well it does. But it’s not that simple. We have to look at much more then the drivers, winning a race is a huge team effort. How the team performs really changes the put come of the race. The support crew should be getting much more credit then they currently get.

Back at the team factories the teams engineers work tirelessly in order to provide upgrades for the cars. We have seen how important it is this season to keep them coming. “In f1 if you’re not moving forward with upgrades you’re moving backwards on the race track”. The engineers work all possible angles of the car and push the boundaries of what the limits of the and the rules will allow. We see teams like Red Bull continuously trying to push the limit, occasionally getting shut down for this unfortunately. There not the only factory making changes though. McLaren really showed us the importance of upgrades this season,they took there car from stumbling in Silverstone to a podium in Germany and a win in Hungary. A shut for of the factories mean the engineers and developers can take a break and not worry that the other team are trying to get an advantages with the next big development.

The teams work hard at he race track as well. Engineers and strategists work from here controlling the race pace. Then you have The guys in the pits are some of the bravest people on the race track. The cars dash into the pits, and they have to stand there with very limited protection from these cars traveling at 100km/h. We seen how dangerous things can get this season with the Sauber driver Kamui Kobayashi and his pit stop error which knocked over and injured some of has pit crew. We’ve seen many times this season what a poor pit stop can do to a race. Slow pit stops can lose you positions, and even put you into a position which could cost you you’re race. Notably when Lewis Hamilton had a slow stop in Valencia, the 15 second-ish which he lost in the pit put him 15 seconds closer to Maldanado which eventually ended both there races. Events like this show us how necessary it is to have a good support crew. The pit crew and mechanics work extremely hard to keep the race cars in the races are vital for race wins.

The work that the pit crew does doesn’t even end at the race track. In order to perform better, faster and more consistent these guys have to practice practice and practice some more. The teams are even now making the pit crews have fitness training. They need to make them faster. This is working the McLaren pit crew has shown great improvement this season. They had some rough stops, but in the GermanGP they performed the fastest pit stop ever. They were able to get button all changed in 2.3 second. This made it so he could get the jump in Vettel. Taking second place. These guys work hard!

The two week shut down is not something I look forward to, but it’s necessary. Those guys who support the team all need a good rest and some time with their families. They help make our favourite teams win races and score points. The sport relies on their support.


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