The GermanGP

Well one of the things that I loved when I started watching Formula1 was formula1 in Crayola. This was a segment that they used to produce during the 2011 season, it was a wonderful review made with the funny automotive writing that makes so much fun to read. It was one of the things that really made me want to start writing. So I guess I will try my hand at creating my own race review. Starting late into the season let us start with the German grand prix. As always my writing will be from information gathered from various sources mainly BBC and sky sports f1 coverage and of course like any news source now a days reedit/r/Formula1

2012 German Grand Prix – Sunday
Hockenheimring, Hockenheim, Germany
22nd July 2012
World Copyright: Steve Etherington/LAT Photographic
ref: Digital Image HC5C4400 copy

The GermanGP a great race, with many drivers bring of German nationality this is a important race. This year the race was held at the hockenheim circuit, the GermanGP alternates between Hockenheim and the Nurburgring each year. Hockenheim is a great track, technical and challenging. The track has been modified over the years to give the spectators a better show. The track used to dive off into the surrounding forests, but it was changed in the early 2000’s. The track was shortened and more corners were added. The few drivers who raced on the previous circuit rather liked the old layout more then the current. Mark webber said

“The old Hockenheim was a really cracking circuit; it was a flat-out blast through the forest and every time I brake for Turn 2 on the new track I wish we continued in a straight line, on the route of the old circuit”

which was noted by sky sports. It would be nice to see the old track being used once in a while, but it has been torn up. The weather for the weekend wasn’t great rain rain rain but finally the sky’s cleared for a great Saturday.

Unfortunately I didn’t watch practice one and practice three. I did watch practice two, but to be completely honest I fell asleep mid way through. So my review of the practices is pretty much garbage. From what I have seen and read, practice was. Short and many of the teams didn’t get a whole lot done. There was rain, which made it easy to understand settings for qualifying but not for the race day. Teams didn’t get to gather much information for the new packages that they were testing. One of the teams with a very noticeable upgrade was Lotus-Renault. They has changes near the side pod and a new attachment at the rear of the car, all potentially to funnel air to the rear wing but only time will tell its true purpose. The McLaren’s looked strong in the dry conditions during practice, but the wet pace was nothing special. For the rest of the teams everything was as you expected, small upgrades but no giant leap or strides that I noticed.

That takes up to qualifying. The first session of qualifying was dry. The normal teams which drop out during Q1 dropped out and we saw the pace of the McLaren team come through. Some of the people who normally do very well during qualifying seemed slow. We saw a lot of people switch to the softer of the tires to put in good lap times. But this could have been for many reasons. The teams would have known rain was on the way and because of the limited dry running during practice the teams may have been trying to collect as much data on the dry tires as possible for Sunday.

Q2 was wet. The intermediate tires were the tire to get the best lap time. We saw the Torro Rosso Daniel Ricardo???? Show great performance during the session finishing much further up then normal. But eventually lost the pace compared to the front runners but still ended up with a strong eleventh place starting position.

Q3 was interesting it was full of rain yet again. We saw great driving by all the boys. It was a close qualifying at the begin, seemed like it could be anyone’s pole until right up to the last few minutes. This is when the Red Bulls began to show some great pace. Mark and Sebs’ lit up the screens. Until Alonso stepped up his game. He put in a blistering lap. He finished his laps a whole second ahead of the closest person. He really showed that he can race despite the conditions. It was a clean qualifying, aside from Sebs’ feeling that his teammate held him up a little bit, but was quick to ate aside to let him through. The qualifying positions were all shifted due to the 4 grid place penalties of Webber, Grosjean,Perez and Rosberg.

This brings us to race day. It was a good day for racing. Good weather and manageable temperatures. The start of the race was very exciting. In the first few corners Massa lost his front wing. -I love the way these cars look when the front wing is missing, the look like sharks.- this loss of a front wing caused some major problems for some people during the race. Massa pulled his race together after this incident and finished with P11. The pieces of Massa’s wing punctured Hamilton’s rear tire, which was the first of Hamilton’s problems of the race. On the way back to the pit Hamilton said his race was over. His team still sent him back out, his race pace was still good but he was to far behind. The racing was was tight. The first few corners Vettel and MSC had a greaet battle right off the bat and Kimi showed us how passing should be done on one of the Force India cars. The race was pretty consistent.

The last few laps are where the controversy of the race started. We saw Hamilton drop out, due to problems with his car. As the race was ending Vettel lost a position to Button as Button came out of the pits. Causing Vettel to take action. He passed Button on the hairpin of the last corner. The problem lies in how he passed. Vettel has all 4 wheels off the track, which made his pass illegal. The penalty that he got Was severe, a 20 second penalty. He went from P2 to P5. Vettel said that his race was interrupted by Button’s teammate, when he passed him dispute already being lapped. But the FIA ruling stuck. They had to keep it, there is so much talk about passing, if they let this slide it would set a bad president. The race ended with Alonso winnings and Button and Kimi take second and third.

My overall impression of the GermanGP was that it was a good race. We saw McLaren back on pace and some great racing. The weather was good and the race was clean. It wasn’t the most exciting race that I’ve seen this season, but the wheel to wheel that Kimi showed us is worth looking up. It was a good week end, hopefully some one will catch up with Alonso’s lead.

The quote was from I’m not sure how to add foot notes with word press. So I’m leaving this rough citation.
I didn’t get to edit yet, will do when I get a chance. Sorry.


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