A Great Driver and his Second Chance

This post will be about one of the drivers who has blow away everyone with his unexpected performance so far this season. Can you guess who? Here’s a hint he was taken out early in Monaco, and suffered a big loss due to an alternator failure in Valencia.

Of course, Romain Grosjean!


This little scamp was able to put his poor past record behind him! He has taken up the challenge this season by hitting 2 podiums so far, second place in Canada and third at Bahrain and he was getting set for another at Valencia but was forced to retire due to an alternator failure. His pace had been great being able to keep up with his world champion of a team mate Kimi.

Grojean’s first attempt at Formula One wasn’t the greatest rookie year that has ever been seen. He was quickly dropped from his driver spot at Renault. It was a difficult year for him he put forward many poor qualifying session, continuously bring out qualified by his team mate Alonso. But that year wasn’t a waste. He was able to learn what was needed from him to be competitive in F1, Grosjean learnt a lot from his team mate Alonso who at the time was already a double world championship winner.

Taking from all these experiences he returned to racing in the other disciplines and was able to win races and even titles. He proved that he was as racer worthy of getting a second chance in F1. A second chance in F1 isn’t a common event. It’s tough to get your first chance in F1 to be able to get a second one is nothing short of a miracle. But his performance that was so great in the lower disciplines, he was a racer that showed potential that could not be ignored.

In 2012 Romain Grosjean was signed by Lotus-Renault, with team manager Éric Boullier. Lotus-Renault is probably the best place in f1 right one for Grosjean to develop his racing skills. He has a lot of support here. There is a strong tie here with his past f1 experience being with this very same team under a different name. Also the race manager is a great person to guide the young racer. They both share very strong French ties. I don’t mean to imply that there nationality would make Éric Boullier favour this young driver, but I do think that he does and will give him the motivation that he needs. Being able to push a young driver is a very important thing. Lotus-Renault is the place where this young driver will be able to cut his teeth.

Grosjean race performance is showing that his first attempt at f1 wasn’t anything close to his true potential, he’s going to be on the podium a lot more this season, if not be on the top of them. One person who thinks this is Sir Jackie Steward. A great racer and three time world champ of the past and a man who still has great influence in the sport. He has said in an interview with auto sport magazine that he thinks Grosjean has talent, but he needs some coaching. He needs to learn about where to put his car and how to avoid difficult situations. I think Romain could be in the top circle of championship contenders if he finished more races. With the guidance of Sir Jackie Stewart or other driving coaches helping him hone his talent further in F1 I think that Grosjean would become one of the best French racing drivers if not the one of the best in the world.

I used http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/101265 as a source for this work, along with some discussion from the reddit/r/formula1


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