Why Do You Watch Racing?

“why do you watch racing? its just cars going around in circles.” ugh. When I hear this I cringe. Saying that racing cars are just cars going in circles is the same as saying football is just grown men kicking a ball around a field. Not being distracted by the glamour(which I adore), Racing is so complex there is a lot going on. The speeds that these cars can hit, the acceleration and the cornering are absolutely insane. The skills and physical ability required to cope with the speed and forces are nothing to be brushed off.

Michael Schumacher in a pole worthy lap at Monaco. Photo:SIMON ARRON

The amount it work needed in order to get a car around a race track is very much under rated. There is so much more then the drivers which make a car go around a race track. All the work which takes place during a race weekend doesn’t even happen at the race track. The teams back home in their factories continue to do research and analysis and continue to think up strategies of how they will approach the race. On the race track you have engineers and mechanics which are constantly tweaking the cars for the track. The slightest change in the wings or an adjustment of the suspension can make pole position possible or simply a pipe dream. The work that the support crew is vital to the drivers.

The drivers are the most critical part of the car. The cars are built to handle the forces, people aren’t. There’re have to train end train and train to build their bodies. They train just as much as much if not more then most athletes. The forces that the speed of the cornering produces can make them face up to 5g if not more depending on the corner and speed. Not to mention the reflexes and the car control needed by the drivers to handle the cars. They have very little in terms of drivers aids on the car. No traction control no abs. They have to rely on the cars mechanical and aerodynamic grip to get the car around the track.

So to answer the question why I watch racing. It’s because racing is a sport where the drivers have to push themselves to the limit. They have to rely on their teams to provide them with the information and strategies to get them through the race. The team has to work and developed the cars, using the brightest engineering minds to save tenths of a second. Racing is a true team sport tied in the the glamour of Monaco, technology which is cutting edge and drivers which push the limits of what we can do with cars.


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